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Gough, Phelan & Biertempfel

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David Joseph Gough was raised in the early seventies, by a working class family in a Liverpool terrace, overlooking an 18th century Chinese cemetery. His early years were coloured by comic books, skipping school to visit the local Art galleries, Hammer Horror and David Bowie.
After producing a dark scrawl in Art class one day, he was introduced to Heironymous Bosch's Garden of Earthly delights by his art teacher, whereupon he realised his calling.
Following school, Gough enrolled at the same Art and design college that Lennon and Hitler had once attended, but could neither twist and shout or Invade Poland since it had been done already, and as he needed the money, became a hired gun of an entirely different persuasion.
Some years later, following the death of three close friends, one failed marriage and a decade stint as a commercial artist and designer, he decided that rather than consume the bathroom cabinet, he'd cannibalise his past instead.
In 2000 he began painting again, and working through the prospect of Licensing and RPG's, he returned to themes that had been the companions of his youth, mythical creatures now interweaved with dark personal history, issues of mortality, viewed through the misanthropic cracked lens of a surrealist urbanite.

In 2005, he moved to California, and propelled by his experience in America and being scared witless watching the daily news -his work has begun to take on more theistic themes, concentrating on creationist existential questions, life and death, politics, oppressive dogma, and issues of human origin-all the light stuff then.
His art has been exhibited, and collected worldwide-and featured in a variety of publications, as well as his own self published volume-'Gods and Monsters'
These days he lives in San Diego, CA, with his wife-Lani-a California native-and his moggie 'Pepper'
He loves what he does, and wishes he could do it all of the time.

Michele-lee Phelan has been painting since the year 2000. In her teenage years, many told her a career in art was an unattainable dream; some actively discouraged it. But Michele-lee believes that some dreams are more than just dreams; they are destiny, and it was her destiny to become an artist. Self taught she has spent the years since then learning and refining the necessary skills and techniques, and developing her bold, colourful style. It is a style that has become recognizable regardless of the medium used and the subject depicted.
For this artist, her art is the key and the genre of fantasy is the doorway. Both have lead Michele-lee to explore realms both real and imagined. A painter of dragons, mythology, goddesses and faeries, her works often also echo her spiritual beliefs. Fantasy and faith are intimately entwined.
Her artworks and prints now grace the walls of many homes throughout the world. Each is a perfect reflection of the magick she feels and creates, and the care and pride she takes in both creating her paintings, and the merchandise she produces. Attention to quality and detail is of paramount importance.

Renee Biertempfel† I have loved and drawn Faery and Fantasy art as long as I can remember... I grew up in the countryside of Harmony Pa. Growing up in the country was wonderful for the imagination. We were surrounded by woods filled with large old stones. This is where I started getting ideas to draw faeries and other magical images. I was also inspired by different other things like "role playing" I used to love making and drawing characters for friends and myself. The other big influence was watching Robin Of Sherwood a show the BBC created back in the early 80ís. Years later I ended up going to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and got my degree in Visual Communications. Not long after I was hired on by a company based outside of Pittsburgh that manufactured gift items. I worked in the gift industry for five years as a gift designer and illustrator creating products from wind chimes to decorative home decor. Eventually I move on to other companies creating signs,advertising,photo retouching and restoration. Thatís were I discovered digital colorization when I was colorizing old vintage photographs. I use this now with my illustrations by scanning in my graphite drawn art work and colorizing them in Photoshop. During the day I worked but at home I continued to draw faeries and other fantasy art inspired by the images of Alan Lee and Brian Froud, old art like all the late victorian art, Art Nouveau and many other fantasy artists. Right now I reside in Pittsburgh Pa. with my fiance Blake who is a fantastic medieval armorer in the "SCA" and two cats Ginger and Gremlyn and a love bird Ms Phoebe.

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