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28 June 2009
Stress is no longer on your street as your physical and mental health reaches new heights. Try to preserve this wonderful feeling that fills your body and forget about those concerns crushing and poisoning your life. Cash in on the good moments that show up.


28 June 2009
You are passing through a period of transition so changes will arise. This will have an effect on the people closest to you. Use all the energy you?ve got because you risk being overtaken by those around you. Reorganize yourself by updating your daily schedule.


28 June 2009
Nothing will stop you from telling your side of the story. You will have the last word over people who seemed at first reluctant to accept your arguments. A proposal of yours will have a positive outcome.


28 June 2009
The solution to a situation is tangled. One you know will depend on your attitude and action. It is a very sensitive situation. Pay attention to advice that someone in the know will tell you. Don?t fall in the absolute trust trap.


28 June 2009
You have the strong impression you are about to miss out on something. Pay a lot of attention to what might be said on the subject you?re concerned about, but be careful not to be taken in by false, alarming information. Be wary in all circumstances.


28 June 2009
To be in perfect health, you need new energy. You have fresh ideas on almost everything. Follow your inspiration, let it lead you to new adventures. You are in good health, so go out and make new discoveries.


28 June 2009
You are forced into thinking of somebody in particular. You know that sharing your feelings is very important to you. Communication is an essential element in achieving a harmonious relationship.


28 June 2009
Dealing with the people you care for turns out to be a heavy burden. Spread the word far and wide, for it is time to set yourself free. After all, this kind of dependence ends up taking a serious toll. It?s not your job to carry someone else?s cross.


28 June 2009
You are very undecided in a financial project that might cost you a lot of money. Prudence is recommended in this sort of situation. You need to weigh the pros and the cons. You will have a hard time taking the plunge but your intuition will help you out.


28 June 2009
You will experience an unusual situation but you will get out of it cunningly. You are lucky enough to have the opportunity to be convincing. To take such opportunity lightly would be negative and could lead to failure.


28 June 2009
The planets are positioned less favorably for you today. This will accentuate your sense of duty which means that certain personal or family obligations will suddenly become a priority for you, much to the surprise of all.


28 June 2009
An opportunity brings fresh energy that propels you to an glistening success. You are able to join into projects that appear insane. You mount new endeavors and turn another page in your life. You get the credit you deserve.


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